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Good News! Let's Go to the British Virgin Islands Again!!!

Currently there are no Covid restrictions to take a Take It Easy charter cruise to the British Virgin Islands (BVI). No Covid tests and no vaccine cards required! As you can tell, we are really excited about this and so are our clients.

After 2 ½ years, Take It Easy is finally going back to the BVI. As all of you know, the “Covid” years were an interesting time in our lives. To protect their populace, the BVI shutdown entry like many other countries.

While they were shutdown, they made policy changes to border entry, especially when it came to non-BVI flagged vessels.

The BVI opened to tourism with massive Covid requirements early last year. However, USVI boats were effectively banned from their waters with these requirements. But last October, they codified the new laws providing direction on allowing us back in.

However, due to the overwhelming list of items, documents, fees, separate government agencies to deal with and stringent covid policies, it was still too burdensome to begin the process of reentry. Until now.

We’re working with BVI agents who can ease the process so that we can begin BVI charters starting July 26, 2022!

New Requirements for Charters to the BVI

We will try and make your trip to the BVI as easy as possible, just like the old days. There are new steps we must take to follow BVI policies and appreciate your understanding:

  1. You must book your BVI cruise with Take It Easy at least two (2) days before the trip date. This is mandatory. No exceptions
  2. There can be no last minute BVI bookings, or you will have to take a USVI cruise
  3. You must take a picture of each passengers’ passport bio page and email to Take It Easy. The bio page of your passport contains your name, date of birth, passport number, expiration date, etc. Most passports will also show your picture on this. A picture taken with your phone is perfectly fine
  4. BVI forms require your current address. Please be sure to include it along with the picture of the passport bio page
  5. We can only check-in to the BVI at West End Tortola
  6. We must be back at US customs on St. John by 4:00 pm
  7. To reiterate, currently there are no Covid tests or proof of vaccine cards required

Full Day BVI Trip

The price of a BVI charter cruise is $2,800 plus fuel and BVI customs fee. Fuel is $400-$995 depending upon destinations. $150 flat entry fee plus $75 per person BVI custom's fee - cash only.

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