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September 28, 2017

An UPDATE from the captains and crew of Take It Easy...

The Captains and crew of Take It Easy are safe and well after the recent hurricanes. It was quite the experience riding out two Category 5 hurricanes just two weeks apart.

We want to thank everyone for all the concern and support we have received. We love you all very much.

We are cancelling all trips for October and November for hotel and villa guests because the islands need to focus on rebuilding and with all the debris and broken roads, it's just not safe for tourists. If the cruise ships start coming in as early as November we will be open for snorkel and sightseeing trips.

The damage the islands sustained was tremendous. St John was hit the hardest but they have the closest community so will probably bounce back the fastest. The major hotels on St. Thomas are all probably at least three to four months away from some semblance of opening -- some won't be open for almost a year.

The waters around the islands are too sick to swim in. We will give an update on the reefs and sea life in a couple weeks. We look forward to seeing you all and sharing our hurricane stories with you.

We can receive mail but are unable to send mail and a lot of mail was destroyed in the hurricanes both on St. Thomas and in Puerto Rico. We are sorry if you have tried to communicate with us and not heard back. We will provide updates on our website as things improve.

– Captain Dana Paradise

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